VoIP/Phone Systems

Iron Shield Networks supports hosted voice phones and services from many different provider.  By adopting a hosted VoIP solution through Iron Shield Networks, you can handle customer inquiries without delay while enhancing employee productivity. Hosted VoIP expands your business’ communications.

By 2020, over 85% of businesses will have migrated away from traditional phones systems having adopted cloud based VoIP aka Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) in some format.  There are literally 100’s of VoIP providers with differing platforms and variances to choose from.  Most Hosted VoIP solutions include a number of valuable collaboration tools.  Knowing which VoIP providers do what well in your industry will help guide you to improve how your company communicates.  Iron Shield Networks will inform you and provide demonstrations of platform features and capabilities.  Many businesses are looking to integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with VoIP to accelerate employee response and customer service delivery speeds.  Understanding your CRM and what VoIP providers work well with it, is an area we provide assistance.